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Department Five: It’s only fashion (and rock’n’roll) but we like it.

Born, designed and made in Italy, with an eye for military and workwear stuff re-thought and mixed with the best sign o’ the time.

We love style with an independent attitude and music with a true soul. We travel around the world looking for vintage inspiration and keep up with good vibrations.

Our menswear, womenswear and accessories collections share all the passions we are crazy in love with.

FW21 W

FW21 M

Blending workwear and military functionality with a rock attitude and with the most exciting trends is what we design as Department Five. Provide top stores and much loved customers with great Made in Italy products where good quality meets consistent pricing is what we do.


Department Five team is travelling all the time to scan the most sophisticated fashion scene in London, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Paris . We love the vintage scene and we collect the most incredible pieces we find around the world to source new inspiration from the past.