The electronic music of Berlin, the suggestions of the 50s that relive on the scene of L.A. and the details of technical and military styles. These are the cornerstones around which the Department Five Spring/Summer 2019 collection revolves.

Department Five mixes the Fifties references, today so alive on the Californian scene, with a tribute to Berlin, the focal point of electronic music since the 90s, but that has its roots until the ’60s of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.

Everything without remaining anchored to the past, thanks to the technical fabrics like cotton satin, nylon and cotton / polyester. And to the introduction, for the first time in the collection, of silver labels with a reflective effect together with the new logo that is embroidered with tone-on-tone background or with contrasting colors.

Two cornerstones of the wardrobe made in the USA, the Texas shirt and the Hawaiian shirt, are reworked with a contemporary touch, transforming the cowboy shirt into an ultra light jacket. And turning on the cotton viscose, typical of the Hawaii style, with silver flashes.

The jacket/shirt fashion crossover is developed, built around the military world of the jacket worn by the US Army in Vietnam and of the field jacket, that is a cult for Department Five.

Ike pants make the début; it’s the transposition in a metropolitan key to a gym model, that maintains all the same practical and functional solutions. And it alternates with models with drawstrings cut into pajamas, but made with fabrics that can be perfectly integrated into a city wardrobe.

Knitwear focuses on extended volumes and stripes recalling the Rasta culture, animated by a processing waste with needle made to obtain irregular outlines.

T-shirts and sweatshirts choose bright colors and prints with the lettering Department Five, proposed in maxi or micro version.